The Northern and Western Meadows

The island’s northern and western coastline, i. e. the stretch from Bøhløre via Bestholm, Skalmøre to Koffehavn and Mølodde by the causeway, are flat salt meadows protected by the regulations for beach preservation. No summerhouses can be build here and nothing can be altered.

The meadows are much too low for regular farming. This has created an almost timeless landscape width grazing cattle and wading birds. This also provides a refuge for wild flowers. Rarities such as orchids, marsh gentian and cat’s foot grow here. And if you are very lucky you may even find insectivorous plants such as sundew, bladderwort and butterwort. But do not step on them. Those that walk these meadows after you should be able to experience these wonderful plants too.

The preservation of the beach does not affect your right of way. Anyone has the right to fish and pull this or her boat ashore, to swim and enjoy the sun. And those how have a keen eye for such things may collect little souvenirs in the shape of potsherds from the Iron Age, or flint that was discarded by the people of the Stone Age, who walked along the same beach thousands of years ago.