The Causeway

The shopkeeper in Tambohus was a very privileged person. For he held a royal charter that gave him the right to convey travelers across the sound, Tambosund as well as to keep an in.

In 1916 the Ferry rights were discontinued and the ferry was replaced by a causeway. The causeway was enormously expensive to build and it is even more expensive to maintain. The reason for this is, that it was build on soft boggy ground, and at intervals a new surface of stone and asphalt must be laid to replace that which sinks into the deep. On the island, nature has two totally different faces to show. One  of them is the idyllic summer’s day, when people are enjoying the beaches and the water is speckled with colorful sails bearing witness that this is a paradise for windsurfers. Or the warm evening of late summer, when phosphorescence lights up the water at every ripple.

The other is a gloomy scenery, when a howling autumn storms floods the causeway and the waves beat the crash fence with such a force, that all ordinary traffic by car to and from the island has to be suspended.