Æ fywerhus

Æ Fywerhus – Æ Bø’ehus – Æ Går’hus. “Those who do not have a tourist attraction would do well to set up their own – as soon as possible” That was the thinking of the people behind the “Jegindø Foundation”, with whose help an old fishing house, repair shop and courtyard house on the island have been lovingly restored. Today, these three buildings are mini-museums to which admission is free.

In “Æ Fywerhus” and “Æ Bø’ehus” you can still sense the scent of the sea water, fish and tar, while outside “Æ Fywerhus” stands a modern iron sculpture packed with ancient mythological symbolism. The sculpture was originally intended as an eye-catcher for the museum, but it actually became an attraction in itself. It is the work of Holder Quist and pupils from Søndbjerg Youth College. Nostalgia blossoms on Jegindø as you look over the old fishing houses by the harbour. There were 36 of them at one time – when pound net fishing was at its peak in teh 1930s.